Cranberry Orange Nut bread

You can make this with cranraisins if you don’t have frozen or fresh cranbrerries. It is so good. You will enjoy making this.

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I had a small package of organic cranberries in my freezer from after New Years. I was given them at the food bank. These were large beautiful berries. I rediscovered them lingering in the freezer so it was time to use them. While looking through my cookbooks for new ideas to make, cranberry recipes reminded me of the ones I had in the freezer.  I found this recipe and adapted to what I had on hand to make this luscious dessert.

One of the things I do is make sure I have a assortment of items in the my spice cupboard. There is a small organic store near me that offers bulk items.  I can buy my spices in any amount I need. I just select some every month that I have use for. The spices are displayed in jars and they provide clean little scoops for you to bag…

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