New England Boiled Dinner (Corned Beef)

Enjoy this recipe.

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This is my family’s favorite spring meal.  Corned beef goes on sale just before St. Patrick’s Day.  I usually pick up a brisket right after that holiday on a quick sale.  It is an easy meal to make.  I like to make it on the stove top but you can make it in a crock pot. It take about 2 hours to boil the corn beef until it is tender and another 30 minutes for the vegetable.  I usually puts the spices that usually comes in a separate packet in a tea ball that I have instead of tying the spice up in cheese cloth.

This recipe can be adjusted to the amount of servings you want. You just add enough vegetables to cover those servings.  I used a flat cut brisket this time because it was cheaper by pound.  I like the flat cut because it slices nicely.


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