Voting for the next Bogeyman

I have to admit to being discouraged by Clinton’s sweep on the Ides of March, but Sanders is not mathematically done yet. He does have to do very well in his best states, which are coming up. We will see.

In place of a Sanders ticket, some have talked about writing him in, and one of my friends is voting for Jill Stein. One of my very sick friends was planning on Trump as a second choice because only he and Sanders were open to legalizing the medical marijuana he needs, but he may reconsider. I suspect a lot of younger voters will just stay home.

CNN says Bernie Sanders is not a loser and that he has made Clinton a better candidate. Likewise, Clinton supporters are all smiles, saying that it is time for Democrats to come together to defeat the Trump menace. But Counterpunch reminds us that the Clintons are still neoliberals.

Who set the stage for Trump? Was it really just Republican dogwhistle politics? No, the primary engine of Trump’s and Sanders’ base was the neoconservative’s and neoliberal’s economic savaging of the working class to create a comfortable nest for elites on both sides of the aisle. How can neoliberals exhort us to defeat Trump when their very policies will be creating the next populist strongman – perhaps one for each party?


2 thoughts on “Voting for the next Bogeyman

  1. One friend of mine mentioned a phone call that Bill Clinton made to Trump last year, which may or may not have prompted Trump to run for President. I have no knowledge of any such phone call, but part of me wouldn’t be surprised.

    I’m in it for the long haul for Bernie. And I’ve decided not to vote for Hillary, or Trump, come November (if those are our two candidates from the two parties).

    I wonder if Bernie can use that, come convention time…the fact that a great number of his supporters plan to write him in or vote Stein in November. Judging by the memo he put out this week, I’d say he might be planning to mention it as leverage.

  2. Clinton did encourage Trump to run.

    This is a good time to bring this up. A few days ago The Young Turks had a video up about Obama’s SCOTUS judge pick. I think this blows out the idea about the fear that is promoted about “What about SCOTUS.” We have to vote for lesser of the 2 evils.

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