Who am us, anyway ?

Finnish Perspective

DC: Ask the cop in the grocery store…
JOE: Ask the cop in the woodpile…
DC: Ask the cop on the rooftop…
JOE: Ask that cop that’s knockin’ at your back door…
SOUND: Knocking.
DC: Ask him!
BABE: Mr. Policeman? What makes America great?
JOE & EDDIE [Singing]:

“It’s candied apples and ponies with dapples,
You can ride all day.
It’s girls with pimples and cripples with dimples
That just won’t go away!
It’s spicks and wops and niggers and kikes
With noses as long as your arm!
It’s micks and chinks and gooks and geeks
And honkies (Honk! Honk!) who never left the farm

DC: That’s America, buddy! just remember-Abraham Lincoln didn’t die in vain, he died in Washington, D. C.!

Trump people Trump Rally

Look at that picture. Do any of these people look like some back woods southern red necks ?

No ? Of course not. These are you…

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