Bernie Won Again…What Next?

Bernie Sanders won Michigan, y’all.

If you don’t know what this means, yet, I will tell you.

It means he is not going away.

It means he is going to continue to gather up votes and delegates until the convention.

It means his movement has momentum.

It means his message is being heard.

Next steps for his supporters: Take over our local politics.

Learn, read, talk, attend meetings. Learn, learn, learn. Read, read. Talk. Attend meetings, and more meetings. Go into town, meet people. Talk with them, learn from them. Listen to them. Share with them.

Learn, read, talk. Pay attention. Get involved.

Take over.


One thought on “Bernie Won Again…What Next?

  1. I am voting for Bernie in early Florida voting that is going on now. This will be a closed primary but in the last few midterms it was the young people and over 65 that did turn out in the same percentages. The group in between are the ones that have been unreliable. We also have voter suppression on steroids.

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