How Single Payer Works

Healthcare for all. I’m gonna try to explain how it works, okay? Here it goes.

You work for a company, and while you’re healthy and working, your company is paying premiums for your healthcare insurance. And so are you.

You are both paying for this, whether you get sick or not. It comes out of your paycheck, and it comes out of your company’s expenses.

And what you are paying for, is insurance.

You are not paying for actual medical costs, you are both paying monthly payments to an insurance company.

Now, let’s say you get sick. You need care. So you go to the doctor, with your company-paid insurance card, and the doctor tells you to do some tests. You do the tests, and they find something is wrong.

They tell you, you need something done. A procedure, surgery…you think it’s okay because you have insurance. Right?

But you have to meet a deductible. You’ve already had the money taken out of your paycheck, week after week….and your company that you work for has already paid, week after week, for the insurance group that covers you.

But you have to meet this deductible anyway. And you realize that a pain in your leg, or shoulder, might not be worth having to pay $1000 out of your own pocket to fix.

This is what we have, for those of us who have medical benefits at work.

And most of us, lately, don’t have full time jobs, but are working two part time jobs, some of them under the table.

This is what we have.

This is what we have to stop.

Under single-payer, medicare for all, there IS no insurance premium that has to be paid. You will continue to get the same pay but you will no longer have that medical insurance money taken out of your pay. Instead, it will go towards your taxes.

Your company? Same thing. They won’t have to pay that medical insurance premium either. Instead, they will have to pay a tax.

Both of you will get the same money in your pockets…but you will be able to get your shoulder, or your leg, fixed.

That’s how it works, folks.

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