Complaint Upon Complaining

Everyone complains. I’m sitting here at my PC doing it right now. But, do I get up from my PC and go to Town Hall Meetings? Do I learn about my local politics, or my state politics? Am I registered to vote? Do I agree with my registered party’s direction? Do I pay attention to the people running for government? Do I learn about other parties? Do I read history’s accounting of previous elections and politicians? Am I involved in Church, instead? Do I get all of my information from my church, local paper, friends? Do I care about global warming and have I taken a science class that I can remember? Am I informed when I complain? Is anyone informed? Why is everyone complaining? Shouldn’t they either be in church, or voting??


One thought on “Complaint Upon Complaining

  1. cmaukonen

    Well I net one of the people running for our little city counsel. She did not win but I don’t thing she campaigned a lot either.

    But I also think we are passed the point right now were which lizard get in will make a lot of difference and a lot of people know this or at least think it.

    The score is tied. It’s the bottom of the 9th and the bases are loaded with no outs. What the pitcher pitches will make little difference in the outcome of the game.

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