Hollow E’en

Til now
I sang happy songs guiltily
cut my hair and wanted it shorter
loved coming home to an empty house
loved coming home to my cats

John Lennon and the Clash
and Pearl Jam too
and Peter and Paul and Mary and John and Michele and Cass and Denny and Sonny and Cher and Rodgers and Hammerstein and Simon and Garfunkel
but Patsy and Donovan too

I go out walkin
after midnight
and it’s no business of anybody’s
what I do
or how

I have a clear conscience
but if I didn’t
it’s none of your business

And this was a big mistake
and I have tried to make few
but I know one when I see
a train wreck

I want to sing happy songs
I want to cut my hair but let freak flags fly
I want to wonder why
I never considered being alone

Til now


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