Vacuum Tubes

Finnish Perspective

Vacuum tube internals

When my sister who was up here from Florida came by my place and saw that I had a couple of vacuum tubes on my work bench, she was surprised. I guess she thought that vacuum tubes had all disappeared.  But far from it. When you consider that nearly everything electronic from the 1930 to around 1970 used vacuum tubes. Radios, TVs, Stereos, consumer and commercial and military. That every drug store had atube testerthat was stocked with the most common tubes. As well as every radio and TV service shop in every town, city or burg. That’s a hell of a lot of vacuum tubes and they did not disappear overnight. In fact there are enough vacuum tubes still and people who want them to keep more than a few people in business selling them. Those who still prefer “vacuum tube” sound. Audio enthusiasts…

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