40 Acres and A Mule

Finnish Perspective

40 Acres and a mule

Got into a discussion the other day on Facebook about whether or not the Slaves, once freed, received anything for their trouble. The answer, it turns out, is absolutely nothing. Zip, zilch, nada, zero. I remember seeing that PBS series on The Civil War and thought I remembered seeing where they got some land or something.

Well here is the story. They did…for a very short time. But let me back up a bit. Back in 1820 Joseph E. Davis, the younger brother of Jefferson Davis, established the plantation Hurricane at Davis Bend, Mississippi.

Davis was influenced by the utopian ideas of Robert Owen, whom he met in the 1820s during Owen’s tour in the United States. When he established his plantation Hurricane at Davis Bend, Davis worked to create a model slave community there. He hoped to show that a higher functioning community…

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