A Ludicrously Lovely Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon

The haikulodeon

Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:

I keep wondering:
Will such wonders ever cease?
Not in this lifetime!

Someone should tell her,
“I really dig the beach”, is
just an expression.

(Photograph courtesy Kristina Rebelo)

Ignore clever men
they can be out-witted. Keep
your eyes on mad-men.


A triangle of
tranquility sails the sea
‘neath darkening skies.

Shafts of golden light,
signaled we’d weathered the storm,
so, we headed home.

(Photographs courtesy Kristina Rebelo)

Reaching for the moon
Is an admirable goal.
Having patience helps.

(Photograph courtesy Kristina Rebelo)

We drove through the night
to see the fall foliage
mirrored in the lake.

To be committed
is to fly through each sunset
in search of the dawn.

(Photograph courtesy Kristina Rebelo)

The ecdysiast’s
dress men find teasiest, zips
up the easiest.

What if we’re all cogs
in a huge…

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