God Save the Queen…Why America has always been a disaster.

Finnish Perspective

THE PRINCESS in 1947…flickr creative commons license

First of all the reasons given for the American Revolution that most people have been fed all these years are pretty much a load of whooy. With King George baring much of the blame. Either our founding fathers were ignorant or naive or both, or there were other reasons that were rarely – if ever told. By the 1700s King George had no power at all to govern. The English Civil War put an end to that.

Secondly having a government based exclusively on a two pay system was just asking for trouble. So the situation described by Henry A. Giroux in his current Truthout essay,is no real surprise. There is little or nothing that will change it since there is not institution, group or individual that can claim top be unbiased objectivity. This country is all about politics and finance…

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