Real economic indicators

Finnish Perspective

From Sam Smiths Progressive Review

Republished here. This sums up the reality of Oboma’s economic policies.

June 16, 2014

Real economic indicators

The rate of poverty level wages for women has declined over the last  last three-and-a-half decades, especially among those 35 to 44 years old. On the other hand, men between 25 and 44 have seen precipitous increases in the share working at such low wages, with the share more than doubling between 1979 and 2013. The number of working age adults without a job has increased by 28 million since 2000

40% Of US workers now earn less than 1968 minimum wageThe latest analysisby the AFL-CIO shows that the average U.S. CEO was paid 331 times more than their average worker last year, and 774 times more than a minimum wage worker. That’s a significant increase in the past three years

Corporate profits at 85 year…

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