Teleportation, Brain implants and the future …… the “Off Button”

Finnish Perspective

Bionic Implant – flickr creative commons

A friend posted this link on FB. That Dutch scientists have unlocked the secret to teleportation. This is quite big, but I often wonder what other “advances” have been made or in the [not to distant] future.

The computer processing power needed to perform this would be huge,but we now have the equivalent of a massive computer on a chip and the chips are getting smaller and more powerful all the time.

Which brings me to brain implants or chip implants. As of 2010 when this article was written, there were 80,000 people with chips in their head. Mostly for various neural disorders. With the NSA spying and tracking, gathering of peoples images to fill facial recognition databases– the following fictional story is not that far fetched. And may not remain fiction for very long

By the early 21st century brain…

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