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Unequal Justice – flickr creative commons

A lot has been written about inequality so far and even Obama has tried to seem like he is addressing this subject. I do believe it goes deeper and affects more people directly and personally than even most writers and pundits have expressed.

Consider this.

After a Texas teen from a wealthy family avoided jail time, many are wondering whether the case has set a precedent for “affluenza,” the affliction a psychologist cited in the trial.

A psychologist testified that 16-year-old Ethan Couch, charged in the deaths of four pedestrians while driving drunk, suffered from the condition in which children — generally from richer families — have a sense of entitlement, are irresponsible, and make excuses for poor behavior because parents have not set proper boundaries.

A judge gave the teen 10 years of probation for the fatal accident. Prosecutors were seeking the maximum…

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