Scottish Porridge Oat Pancakes

Well gang…here is a great recipe for some of you that love Scottish Oats and are into healthy eating. Look around at his recipes there is some good recipes. Enjoy

neils healthy meals

Scottish Porridge Oat Pancakes

Oats are so versatile and as I’ve said before one of my most favourite individual wholegrain foods. I could literally eat them for every meal! This delicious, great start to the day recipe makes use of this abundant ingredient from my home country. Naturally, you do not have to use Scottish porridge oats for this recipe, they could come from any country!

Oats are good for the health of our hearts because they contain soluble fibre which helps reduce cholesterol and they also contribute to our daily intake of iron, B vitamins and protein. A great breakfast meal, particularly after a workout in the gym which helps to feed and repair those sore muscles you have been working and at only 227 calories per serving.

Just like my Bircher Muesli or Breakfast Banana Boost, this recipe is a great one for the weekend!

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  1. Just google the conversion or most general cook books have a conversion chart that you can use. You can get star anise in the Mexican spice section at the grocery store in the little bags.

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