A More Than Pleasant Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon

And here is Mr. Smith from the Haikulondeon.

The haikulodeon





Here’s this week’s heap of haikus: 




Flowery bouquets,
made the room seem less dreary.
and soaked up her tears.


There’s a twilight time
between dusk and eve’ning that
nurtures reflection.

Double haiku:


My world has shifted.
I’m now, sadly, no-one’s son.
Who will hold me now?


And so, another
Mothers’ Day will go by with
only memories..



(Happy Mothers’ Day this Sunday to all you mothers out there!)




Through fields of flowers
this iron engine still rolls;
attractive tractor.




Loose litter swirling
through the canyons of midtown;
Urban tumbleweeds.



The sign was quite clear:
“Don’t Park Horses Here”  So I
tethered my Buick.



Reluctant Winter
took its time to arrive, and
now delays Spring blooms.





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