History of Pig Picking Cake

Yummy cake that can be adapted using sugar free ingredients and made also in a 9 in, x 13 in. baking pan. Enjoy!

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My daughter always talked about a wonderful cake called Pea Pick’n Cake when she was young.  The only problem was the mother who made the cake would not share the recipe.  That was before Paula Dean and internet.  This was not uncommon for recipes to held close as a cook’s secret .   It was done to protect their special statues as to being asked to make or be paid to make it.   So I paid her one time to make it for her birthday.  I had dropped my cake plate off so the cake could be used and paid her.  When I picked the cake up, it didn’t take me but a few minuets to realize that it was a Florida Sunshine Cake that I had made before.  Some of the other names for this cake is Celestial Snow Cake, Orange Pineapple Cake and Pig Lick’n Cake.


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