Week 122 ….. Toilet Humour

You got to admit that is cute. Enjoy!

world of minifigs

lego; minifigs; minifigure; photography; minifgure; worldofminifigs; world of minifigs; Rachel Hamilton The bathroom was the only place, Rachel got a moments peace to read some of her book. She just hoped it wasn’t going to happen to her.

I know the feeling well when engrossed in a book. You have to take any and every opportunity you can to read some of it in relative peace.

The bathroom trick does work on occasion, but as most mums will testify, going to the toilet is a sure fire way that within seconds of closing the door and embracing the peace, either all hell will break loose, or the little darlings will be outside the door, demanding where have you gone to, and how long you are going to be. Or at that precise point of time, they have this sudden urge to impart some really important piece of information, that couldn’t possibly have been told to you before you made your way…

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