The Intellectual Dead End of Liberalism

Finnish Perspective

In every American community there are varying shades of political opinion. One of the shadiest of these is the liberals. An outspoken group on many subjects, ten degrees to the left of center in good times, ten degrees to the right of center if it affects them personally. Here, then, is a lesson in safe logic – Phil Ochs

I have not been a supporter of American Liberalism since I was a teen. They are some of the repugnant and hypocritical people I have known.  Pete Dolack who writes the Systemic Disorder blog gives you a very good reason why I do not. Here is an essay explaining his and my views on liberalism.

The vacuous concept of the “third way” having degenerated into neoliberal idolatry, modern liberalism has reached its end. Sweeping pronouncements are ordinarily to be avoided, but the ongoing revelations of not only the Obama administration’s…

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