Thomas Piketty – The left’s new hero

Finnish Perspective


We don’t have many heroes today. Not the kind that are willing to call out the real truth and tell it like it is. We have a lot of pseudo heroes thought. The right has Sterling and Cliven Bundy. The left has Krugman and Rachel Maddow and Robert Reich and now Thomas Piketty.

Seems that Thomas Piketty has a new “Tell All” book out, Capital in the Twenty-First Century that is creating quite a stir in the blogosphere for it’s “Truth Telling” of the Wall Street world. However James Howard Kunstler seems to differ in his latest essay in Clusterfuck Nation. I will highlight some of the juicer parts here [with commentary of course].

The first mistake of Piketty fans such as New York Times op-ed ass Paul Krugman is the assumption that the dynamic labeled “capitalism” is an ism, a belief system that you can subscribe to…

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