Neoliberalism, Youth and Social Justice – That Dog Don’t Hunt

Finnish Perspective

Henry A. Giroux asked how he would define Neolibleralism in this talk from The TAFT Research Center.

Then in this essay goes on to define it as more that just a separate state but all in-compassing one. More than what Mike Lofgren, a former GOP congressional staff described on a Bill Moyers oped.

What is not so hidden about the tentacles of power that now hide behind the euphemism of democratic governance is the rise of a punishing state and its totalitarian paranoiac mindset in which everyone is considered a potential terrorist or criminal. This mindset has resulted in the government arming local police forces with discarded weapons from the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, turning local police into high-tech SWAT teams.[8] How else to explain the increasing criminalization of social problems from homelessness and failure to pay off student loans to trivial infractions by students such…

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