A Pi-Eyed Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon

Here is Mr. Smith for another Friday batch

The haikulodeon



Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:


Once a year, Pi day
comes around. It should be squared.
But never mind that.

( 3-14 is Pi day. )


The bare trees seem poised,
waiting for Spring to arrive.
Spring is running late.



Puddles ripple at
the edge of a lonely street.
Intermittent rain.


What colors my sky
are emotional shades of
a diverse palette.



A new moon will shine
on an old village square, and
make it young again.

(I originally wrote piazza rather than village square, but too many people mis-read it as pizza.)

A moonlit whisper,
two lovers in silhouette;
gentle affection.

A tiny sparrow
is chased by a feisty pup
pulling a young girl.

Happiness is not
a station you arrive at,
it’s the train you’re on.

A tangle of trees

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