Reviving the Cold War …. Dr. Strangelove Over Ukraine

Finnish Perspective

Dr. Strangelove – flickr creative commons

I usually do not have two diaries at once but this essay by Jeffrey Sommers pretty much explains the situation in the Ukraine. That this whole thing was a setup by NATO, the US and the EU when the Soviet Union collapsed and the Warsaw Pact was disbanded. The whole point being to break up Russia into “manageable pieces”.

The US responded to this deal by immediately taking the former Warsaw Pact into NATO and then moving into the former USSR territory itself by taking in the Baltics. Nobody could blame the new entrants for wishing NATO entry, given their Soviet occupation past. But, neither could anyone blame the Russians for feeling utterly betrayed by the US and NATO for breaking their word.

Thereafter, Eurasionists in the US State Department wanted more. For them, the goal was the further break-up of Russia and its…

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