Turkey Pot Pie (Meat Pie from left overs)

Yummy pie that is easy to do and uses up left overs.

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Rooster Pie Bird keeps the pie from boiling over while baking.

There was still some turkey left overs in the freezer from Christmas.  Today has been cold for Florida, so it was a good day to make a turkey pot pie.  I used refrigerated pie dough that I had left over from the holidays which also needed used.  I bought it on sale right after Christmas.  I always take advantage of good markdowns and look for them.  Today I found canned pumpkin for fifty cents a can.  Pumpkin is something I like to bake with and the expiration date is in 2015.  I bought 4 cans.  My family like pumpkin cookies and pie.  This is a very easy pie to make and quick to do when using refrigerated pie dough from the supermarket.

Meat pies are a good way to use up leftovers.  I had also saved the extra gravy…

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