Capitalism 201 – Applied Capitalism

Finnish Perspective

We have heard and read a great deal about capitalism form some very astute people such as Professor Richard Wolff and read numerous articles about and Marx and Marxist theory on-line and from many books.

I refer to them as theoretical capitalism.

This I will call applied capitalism. As it it has been and is currently applied in most countries and on the streets.

Capitalism Plunders

This has been the case from the very first. It plunders land, resources and people. Forget the propaganda that you have been told about hard work and enterprise and all. Capitalists take what they want, if necessary by force. This country was plundered from the first. Of land and animals and resources. From the natives. Africa was plundered and it’s people were brought here and there labor was plundered.

When people like Krugman and Reich talk about “growth,” what they mean is resources and…

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