Growing up white in America

Finnish Perspective

I spent my first 14 years in a totally white part of North Eastern Ohio. Geauga county.Named after the Geauga Indians that lived there until European diseases wiped them out. Along with other tribes. Went to school from kindergarten trough part of 8th grade in a big brick school built during WPA. It is where I had my first life lesson.

There was a kid who rode the same bus as I did in first grade – Mack Wilder – who would tease and bully me no end. Including grabbing my lunch box when we got off the bus and trowing it on the ground, knowing my thermos would brake. Half way through the year my family moved to a new house that my parents had built and my bus and rout changed. So no more Mack Wilder. I still hated him though. But he was no where to be…

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