The Greatest Generation……NOT !

Finnish Perspective

From Progressive Review.

November 11, 2013

Word: The Greatest Generation

The Greatest Generation?
Oh really?
If they were so great
Then why did they send
Their Sons so willingly
Off to die
In Vietnam
A war  they started
While we suffered from
58,000 young men
Of my generation
Were murdered
By The Greatest Generation
Hundreds of Thousands
Of our Lives were destroyed
Plus  3 million genocided Vietnamese
Not that “gooks” mattered to The Greatest Generation
Then  neither did we their Sons
Why  didn’t The Greatest Generation
Rise up as One
And tell the American Empire
That you will not have our Sons
Over our dead bodies!
Hell no!
They will not go!
Why did The Greatest Generation
Not fight for US their Sons
Against the American Empire
As they did against the German  and  Japanese Empires
We the Sons of the Greatest Generation were not worth it
They said they…

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