Silence Of The Lambs

Finnish Perspective

TEPCO is to begin removing spent fuel rods at Fukushima reactor number 4.

A large mound of toxic trash was reported to be headed our way from there, though NASA has since said most of it has sunk. That’s reassuring that this trash is now on the bottom of the ocean rather than on top floating. I guess ocean currents only exist on the top.

Alternet has an article on the The 10 Most Toxic Cities in the World and none of them are in the US or Europe. Isn’t that amazing. I’ll bet at least one city here could make runner up, though.

But this diary is NOT about pollution. No…it is about health care. And it is not about health insurance. It is about the health care industry. And mark my words, it is an industry. It is considered the largest growing field in the US…

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