Once Upon a Jack and Jill

Okay. Jack and Jill follow their parents up a hill, right? And during their climb, Jill kicks Jack in the shins, and Jack pulls Jill’s hair. And they yell, and they fight, and their parents set them right. Right? But meantime, they climb up that hill. Because they need to fetch a pail of water, for…whatever reason. They need that water.

Their parents patiently walk them up the hill, but Jack and Jill keep fighting the whole way.

Jill, or Jack, now and then, demands a new baby, but their parents just aren’t ready (or willing) yet, to have one, because they are so darned busy trying just to get that water that’s up the hill.

Jill gets tired and cranky so demands that her brother walks the rest of the way up the hill. Jack gets angry so demands that his sister walk the rest of the way up. Their parents just want to get that damn water and then MAYBE they can think about getting back down the hill to drink and then make another baby

But then Jack, out of the blue, says, “I’m divorcing all of you. Fuck you all. I’m taking over this hill and you all have to agree with whatever I say or I’m getting all the water.”

Now, if you were Jill, and her parents (which…you ARE), what would you say?

Wouldn’t you kick stupid Jack’s ass down the hill and let him find his own water elsewhere????

Just sayin.


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