[Not So] Open Revolt

Finnish Perspective

Chris Hedges had a column in Truthdig and Truthout this last week on rebellion. And true to form he lists various references to notable authors like Lenin and Marx and Kropotkin and even Emma Goldman. Quoting significant parts of their works while also eviscerating those who cling to the current status quo with a death’s grip.

Vladimir Lenin placed his faith in a violent uprising, a professional, disciplined revolutionary vanguard freed from moral constraints and, like Karl Marx, in the inevitable emergence of the worker’s state. Pierre-Joseph Proudhoninsisted that gradual change would be accomplished as enlightened workers took over production and educated and converted the rest of the proletariat. Mikhail Bakuninpredicted the catastrophic breakdown of the capitalist order, something we are likely to witness in our lifetimes, and new autonomous worker federations rising up out of the chaos. Pyotr Kropotkin,like Proudhon, believed in…

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