Life !

Finnish Perspective

Trust Me

It was customary for Master and Student go spend time each day
walking along the paths that wound through the mountains
around the monastery. One day, while Master and Student were
out walking, they came upon a cliff edge. Master boldly
stepped to the very edge of the rock and gazed lovingly at
the valley below and the surrounding mountains. He then
turned to Student, who was standing quite safely back from the
edge of the cliff, and said “Come closer so that you can
see the beauty that is all around us.”

“No thank you Master,” replied the student nervously. “I can
see quite well from here.”

“Nonsense,” said Master. “You must come closer.”

“But I may fall. Please Master, I am afraid.”

“Trust me,” said Master. “I would not ask you to do anything
that would harm you. Now come closer.”

Slowly the student edged…

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