De Leonism – Toward a more Equitable and Democratic society

Finnish Perspective

A number of ideas and possibilities have been put forth over the years to achieve this outcome. Some have been more successful than others. Some have been completely ineffectual. Communism and classic socialism have been tried to various degrees. A source for intellectual discussion galore. In one diary though a commenter mentioned Syndicalism. I had not heard of this previously so decided to research just what they were referring to. From Wikipedea.

Syndicalism is a type ofeconomic systemproposed as a replacement forcapitalismand an alternative tostate socialism, which proposesconfederationsof collectivisedtrade unions or industrial unions. It is a form ofsocialisteconomiccorporatismthat advocates interest aggregation of multiple non-competitive categorised units to negotiate and manage an economy.[1]

For adherents, labour unions are the potential means of both overcoming economicaristocracyand runningsocietyfairly in the interest of the…

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