Fukushima nuclear power plant. The nuclear disaster that keeps on giving.

Finnish Perspective

Christina Consolo -founder and host of Nuked Radio – recently gave an interview on RT concerning the proposed removal of the spent fuel rods at Fukushima reactor number 4, which is near collapse. Her concerns and possible outcomes coincide with that of other nuclear exerts. As is to be expected the major world wide news outlets are playing this down or ignoring it altogether.

RT:How serious is the fuel rod situation compared to the danger of contaminated water build-up which we already know about?

Christina Consolo: Although fuel rod removal happens on a daily basis at the 430+ nuclear sites around the world, it is a very delicate procedure even under the best of circumstances. What makes fuel removal at Fukushima so dangerous and complex is that it will be attempted on a fuel pool whose integrity has been severely compromised. However, it must be attempted as Reactor…

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