Of Cabbages and Kings: A look at the global pressure cooker

Finnish Perspective

Wikimedia Commons has a really greatatlas of European History. You can get a really good feel for the events that let up to the creation of various empires an especially the events that preceded their fall. Since these maps come from all over and were made at various times, they also give a look at the thinking that was taking place at the time and under which group they were made.

What I found especially intriguing was how there areas were aligned after the fall of these empires/states etc.

Relating to this is an essay by Ives Smith on Naked Capitalism that caught my eye, we Ives goes into how she has the uneasy feeling that the “shit is going to hit the fan.” I have not known Ives to be of the “Sky is falling” mindset, so I this particular piece was rather intriguing.

The feeling I…

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