Of Power and Privilege or Screw the Peasants

Finnish Perspective

Yesterdays Late Night: Cold War mentality diary got me thinking since I lived though it. Then this morning while perusing my usual blogs, I came upon this entry On Naked Capitalism by Ives Smith. An introduction to an interview on TRN with Vijay Prashad a professor of international studies at Trinity College concerning the “questioning the roots of inequality and how those who own the majority of property set the terms for everyone else“. And interesting interview in and of itself. But as is quite often the case with Ives diaries, it’s the links she embeds that can be the real meat of the essays.

As is the case here where at the beginning there is a link to this piece from 10 April 2012.

I strongly suggest you read this post by Yasha Levine, Recovered Economic History – “Everyone But an Idiot Knows That The…

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