Privacy or (In)Security..a lesson in paranoia.

Finnish Perspective

V.I. Kydor Kropotkin: Wel my phone isn’t tapped and I know yours isn’t tapped…

Don Masters, CEA Agent: But this phone booth was.

V.I. Kydor Kropotkin: Are you trying to tell me every phone in the country is tapped?

Don Masters, CEA Agent: That’s what’s in my head.

V.I. Kydor Kropotkin: Don, this is America, not Russia! – The President’s Analyst

Well it didn’t use to be. And according to this, nobody can expect any privacy over the inter net any more.

“Environmental advocates have the right to speak anonymously and travel without their every move and association being exposed to Chevron,” said Marcia Hofmann, Senior Staff Attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, who—along with environmental rights group EarthRights International (ERI)—had filed a motion last fall to “quash” the subpoenas.

“These sweeping subpoenas create a chilling effect among those who have spoken out…

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