Tuesday Afternoon

Finnish Perspective

I have to admit I have been mostly involved with my Mac Mini and trying to get them set up – software wise – in a more useful fashion. So I have not been playing Internet too much. Just briefly browsing when I had the chance.

I did a “Like” on my FB page to Truth Out a while ago. Today this item showed up. Where the hell is the Outrage ? It got me thinking and remembering the time I spent in counseling and therapy. You pick thinks up there if you spend enough time. And this particular essay triggered so thoughts on the matter.

Middle-class wages are stagnant. Uemployment is stalled at record levels. College education is leading to debt servitude and job insecurity. Millions of unemployed Americans have essentially been abandoned by their government. Poverty is soaring. Bankers break the law with impunity, are bailed out, and…

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