It was the best of times, it was the worst of times …….

Finnish Perspective

I have written about the French Revolution in a previous Diary. I though I would consider this subject again but from the standpoint of where the bourgeois fit in.

But first some definitions are in order. By bourgeois I am referring to those monied or rich people – mostly in the cities – that class wise were right underneath the nobility (monarchy and their relatives and feudal lords etc.). Wikipedia defines it thus. “A word from the French language, used in the fields of political economy, political philosophy, sociology, and history, which originally denoted the wealthy stratum of the middle class that originated during the latter part of the Middle Ages (AD 500–1500).[1][2] That is of the three social, political and legal classes of the time they were the ones in the middle. Withe the nobility on top and peasants below.

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