Growing Apart: A Political History of American Inequality – and some social roots

Finnish Perspective

Whilst reading Naked Capitalism this morning, Ives did a synopsis of an eBook of sorts on A fairly lengthy history of economic inequality in this country, with interactive charts and graphs to give even the most wonkish among us a bit of a thrill.

Concentrating on the period from 1970 to the present, Colin Gordon gives a good historical look at how and why this has occurred. His main reasoning being that rather than just happening, was in fact planned. Beginning with the post WWII era.

This shared prosperity of the postwar years was no accident or lucky combination of circumstances. A “rising tide” of robust economic growth does not necessarily lift all boats. Political struggle and policy choices determine whose boats rise. The inequality of the 20th century’s early years actually began closing before economic growth took off in the 1940s, as a consequence of the political…

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