Casual Friday



When I woke up the house was cold so I turned up the juice to the E-Cat. That reminded me that I had a stack of dunning notices from LeonardoElectric demanding payment. For a self-sustaining energy source, it sure has jacked up my electrical bills.

I put on my gas mask to take a shower. I wished I could use the gas from the water for basic heat, but it would be illegal to harvest my own fossil fuel and not pay taxes. I dried myself and checked to see whether it was still legal to wear my Dhaka-made shorts and tee shirt. No buildings had collapsed overnight, so I didn’t have to throw them away and buy newer, certified-safe-worker garments – again.

After signing the Monsanto licensing rider, I ate a bowl of genetically-modified corn flakes, genetically-modified soy milk and hybrid bananas. I had to promise to dispose of…

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