Wondered if guy working for my wine shop/bar in Thailand has personal appeal

ImageI was born without the gene that allows a person to tell a nice-looking *man* from not lice-looking (whereas women I, of course, have no trouble).

Looking at a guy I really can’t tell if he is an 8 out of 10 or a 2.

I wondered about one of my salespeople (kind of an odd duck) — he has worked for me for more than a year and I wondered about the connection he is making with people.  Do women see him as handsome?  How do men who notice such things regard him the same, or as manly?

This was terribly crass, but I am the owner, so I asked two of our cute bartenders for a woman’s take.

“Just circle the number.”  So, was he,











They seemed to be answering that they liked the guy personally, but that wasn’t my question, and we tried to clarify with one another in broken English.  Did I want these ladies to rate the quality of his work?


No.  As a man, where did he rate?, I specified.  Their answer caught me by surprise:

“He — not man,” they calmly assured me.

Ah, eureka!  But of course, it’s hermaphroditicThailand! Some kind of transgender deal!  No wonder I couldn’t quite get a bead on my employee! 

— O.T.


2 thoughts on “Wondered if guy working for my wine shop/bar in Thailand has personal appeal

  1. Not a problem, of course, just a particularity of the land of smiles. 🙂 A problem is this: we have Cinco de Mayo party tonight, and it is the job of the gorgeous organizer to deliver her beautiful,stylish girlfriends and this is what we promised the male guests, for example. But gorgeous organizer’s father just died, so her cohort is in mourning. Result: no beauties for Cinco de Mayo, except maybe luck of the draw. Could be a little *tricky!*

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