Pick Your Dystopia

Finnish Perspective

“Orwell was wrong. Huxley…now there’s a prophet for you.” Anonymous

Pepe Escobar gave a lecture at the 13th Seminary of Political Solidarity Don Juan Chavez in memoriam at the University of Zaragoza, Spain. Part of which has been reproduce in Asia Times and Counter Punch. A fairly scathing taking of world civilization or brutal reality check – depending on ones point of view. Dealing with how “Casino capitalism – aka turbocharged neoliberalism – is ruthlessly destroying the last vestiges of the welfare state and the egalitarian consensus in the industrialized West” Where –

Integration, socialization and multiculturalism are being corroded by disintegration, segregation, and widespread de-socialization – a direct consequence of the David Harvey-coined notion of “dis-accumulation” (society devouring its own).

And that –

This state of things is what Flemish philosopher and art historian Lieven De Cauter, in his book Entropic Empire, calls “the Mad Max phase…

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