Hardly a Whispa on CISPA


With all the Marathon bombing news, the passage of CISPA through the House of Representatives barely registers in the mainstream press. Anonymous attempted a blackout, and the Young Turks loudly worry that Obama won’t veto it, but I could only find an article on last year’s vote in the NY Times.

Russia Today sees a long wait for Senate confirmation, but notes that many more Democrats succumbed to industry lobbying than did last year:

The next step for the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, or CISPA, after passing by a 288 to 127 margin in the House, is a Senate vote. However, the Senate has yet to debate the bill and has given no indication that the proposal is a priority, as major issues including gun control and immigration linger in the national consciousness.

Last year only 40 Democrats supported the bill – though that number nearly doubled to…

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