Schizoid Man….Schizoid Nation

Finnish Perspective

Rick Perry has declared West Texas a disaster area and wants federal aid from the government he would rather not be a part of.

A number of states have legalized or decriminalized marijuana use in opposition to federal law. With more to come. As well as gay marriage.

There are also states that are fighting the Supreme Court decision on election moneys and other issues.

And article in Der Spiegle wonders if independent terrorists will be come the norm.

During the 1950s and 1960s when I grew up such things would have been unheard of. Acting independently – outside of any group, let alone national interest – did not cross anyone’s mind. People aligned themselves with the nation they live in. Then within the local group they were a part of. You were and American (or German, or Italian, or Canadian, or Greek….) and that was that.

This all started…

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