Cultural heritage and kinship. Or the lack there of.

Finnish Perspective

I read a piece not long ago on the origins of the popularity of Adolph Hitler and what he was saying and who he was speaking to. It was focused on Pan-Germanism – the Ethnocentric movement to unify all those of German heritage. One of the keystones of Hitler’s appeal in Austria, Hungary and Prussia – to name but a few. A very strong and deep seated almost tribal belief and/or feeling. Much more than some political nationalism. More a nativism.

When it was stated that the Soviets won WWII for the Allies, they were corrected. It was the Russians winning it for Russia by shear strength of will. What Finns call Sisu or the British “Pure bloody mindedness” . Fighting on not for some political ideal but for their Russian kinfolk and heritage.

It was this deep seated feeling of native-ism and cultural/religious tribalism that was responsible for one…

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