The term miscegenation has been used since the 19th century to refer to interracial marriage and interracial sex,[1] and more generally to the process of racial admixture, which has taken place since ancient history. Historically the term has been used in the context of laws banning interracial marriage and sex, so-called anti-miscegenation laws.[2] The term entered historical records during European colonialism and the Age of Discovery, but societies such as China andJapan also had restrictions on marrying with peoples whom they considered to be of a different race.


By now, it’s old news that Wilcox County holds segregated proms.  Wilcox County parents’ decision to host two proms continues to earn them some well-deserved criticism.  But, these antiquated reminders of a terrible time should not and cannot overshadow one of the most important things that has happened in south Georgia since the Talmadges reigned supreme down there… 

Wilcox County High School students are working their tails off to unite their community and shake the humiliation and sins of their parents.  They’ve organized a facebook page asking for donations to have their first integrated prom on April 27.  They’re doing this against the wishes of some parents and even some in the school, which has refused to host the proposed prom.

My purpose is not to bash the South again during this discussion. 

I just posted a blog concerning overt racism a week ago. And I attempted to underline that there are surely a number of Northern politicians who are as overtly racist as any right wing bastard in South Africa during the 70’s.

Other quotes and cites are left in the appendix to this post.

I am attempting to get into the mind of the South.

What I would like to talk about is the concept of ‘ethos’.

Ethos (pron.: /ˈθɒs/ or /ˈθs/) is a Greek word meaning “character” that is used to describe the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize a community, nation, or ideology. The Greeks also used this word to refer to the power of music to influence its hearer’s emotions, behaviors, and even morals.[1] Early Greek stories of Orpheus exhibit this idea in a compelling way. The word’s use in rhetoric is closely based on the Greek terminology used by Aristotle in his concept of the three artistic proofs.

Ethos is a world view held by a majority of the members of a group or tribe.

 Because of cultural diffusion, the old Confederate States of America have an ethos that is a little watered down over the last century or so, due to this diffusion; diffusion from the North; diffusion from south of the Old South and diffusion from across the globe.

But cultural diffusion has not yet erased this ethos completely.

I have two children who are hard working adults.

I had three brothers and a sister.

Unless a child is scared out of his mind; when you confront a child with his unsocial conduct he will almost always say:

Well what about Sheila; I mean you never ever attack her for her misconduct…..

I recently spoke with Seany and Erin and that never happened when I ran things. Neither of them blamed the other sibling.

But the normal course in these types of proceedings is for the defendant to point out the incidents where someone else was not castigated for his or her behavior.

The Governor of Georgia refused to ‘take sides’ (see infra) with regard to the ‘prom’ issue.


Let us examine this statement.

I discussed many of our forefathers on several different occasions over the last five years during my rants.

But in this discussion, I am attempting to see what this Governor is attempting to do!

Look, in Minneapolis you cannot take a stand on the City Council or the Hennepin County Commissioner’s office or as state Representative/Senator or any of the many Federal Offices that you will not take a stand on blatant Civil Rights issues.

It aint gonna happen.

Does that mean that no Minnesotans are racist?


I would argue that we are less racist, on the whole, in this Northern State!

But to Governor Nathan Neil, the issue is less simplistic.

To Governor Neil and to millions of the citizens of the Deep South, liberals simply come from the North and point out their sins. And us liberals have bad motives in doing so. We simply wish to cover up our own sings.

But the North refuses to acknowledge its own sins. 


No tribe that I have ever heard of simply acknowledges its own sins committed by its own members and then promises anew to change its attitude.


I recall many instances where historians praise our Minnesota Regiment during the Civil War.

Our soldiers accomplished so very much in key battles.

But people forget that half of our soldiers were involved in genocide during the same period; Lincoln ordered the death of thousands of Amerindians.

Now I aint so liberal that I omit the sins against the White Man perpetrated by the Red Man during that period.

Except we must acknowledge that the White Man was the intruder.

There were the Indian Wars for chrissakes.

President Jackson was the worst American NAZI that ever held Executive Power in this country and that is for sure. Believe me it helps my conscience to point out that the bastard was also a slave owner, but I digress.

But we knew, we absolutely knew that America was ours for the taking; that we were endowed with certain inalienable rights given to us by GOD, and GOD was certainly against those damn barbarians and that we must proceed as a nation to destroy all of those heathens.


The Governor of Georgia, if he were translucent? Or transparent? Or truthful, would tell us that there is the NAACP and other African American organizations that only stand up for the Black Folks. And there are Hispanic organizations that only stand up for Hispanics. And there are Asian Organizations…

 All these organizations were established to piss on white folks and establish the rights of their members.

It is plain and simple to these morons.

Morons like Nathan Deal.

But Deal has a point.

I mean where are the White Right Organizations?

Well, for Governor Deal that is so damn simple to answer and yet, you would never recognize any examples in this answer.










I dunno.

But look at what the South is dealing with.

The South uses Gerrymandering just as conservatives in the ‘North’ and the ‘West’ do from time to time simply taking models they learned from the Northern ‘liberals’ for so many fricking years.

You will find a Black Congressman representing South Carolinians for sure.

How they ever voted in an ‘East’ Indian as Governor is beyond me; all she had to do was to sell her soul like Dinesh and Bobby J. (Oh this comment is so damn Sikh!)

There was a skit on Smother Brothers decades ago.

And the Brothers painted a picture of American Leaders and Russian Leaders and Chinese Leaders and French Leaders and other leaders from around the world complaining about outside agitators.

So Governor Deal just blames the entire ‘Prom’ matter on outside liberal agitators.

Your own ethnocentric values are always challenged by outside agitators.


There is a deep deep fear of MISCEGENATION in the South that has been in existence for four hundred years.

I mean we will never get over this.

Populations will be variable in their own ethnocentrism.

The Northern folks would worry that their Italian daughter would marry an Irishman. Hahahaha

The Northern folks would worry that their Jewish daughter would marry a Catholic. Hahahaha

The Northern folks would worry that their Irish daughter would marry a Protestant. Haahahahah

I can go on and on.


That is what this PROM issue is all about.

To think otherwise is to ignore the ‘facts’.

I get this!


Now do not shoot me down here. I did not condone this crap!

For Governor Deal to refuse to take sides on this issue sucks.

But look at Deal and the residents of Wilcox County. Look at their side of things!

Governor Deal loses every time he votes or endorses the side of the integrationists!

 He loses every damn time he denies the sins committed by his tribe over the last four hundred years.

 But he loses if he acknowledges the sins committed by his tribe over the last four hundred years.

So Wilcox has to blame outside agitators and liberals and Northern bastards and anyone else he can come up with.

I will say this.

Obama only lost the State of Georgia by less than 8 points.

Think about it!

Something is going on here.

Wisconsin and Michigan and a host of other non Confederate States are attacking Civil Rights statutes every frickin day.

However, cultural diffusion works both ways!

I am going to come back to this mess.

Suffice it to say that this PROM ISSUE troubles me much.


During the long fight to end apartheid in the American South, defenders of segregation would frequently dismiss civil rights workers as nothing more than “outside agitators” intruding on communities that did not want them. Nearly 60 years after Brown v. Board of Educationlittle appears to have changed in the Georgia governor’s mansion. In response to a request to support students in Wilcox County, Georgia seeking to integrate their high school’s still-segregated prom, Gov. Nathan Deal (R-GA)’s office channeled the spirit of George Wallace:

Gov. Nathan Deal won’t take sides in the controversy over some Wilcox County teens’ efforts to integrate their prom.

By email, his spokesman, Brian Robinson, said Deal would have no response to a liberal group’s call for state officials, including the governor to speak out.

He wrote, “This is a leftist front group for the state Democratic party and we’re not going to lend a hand to their silly publicity stunt.

Wilcox County High School has no official prom, but for years, some parents and students have organized a private whites-only segregated prom. School officials say they have no control over that and have issued a statement in support of the integrated prom…

They say school officials will discuss whether to hold an official prom, open to all, in 2014.

Prom is not the only segregated event at the school, WSAV reported. There are also segregated dances at Homecoming. This year for the first time at the school an integrated Homecoming court was named, but Quanesha Wallace, a black teen who is one of the students pushing for a fully integrated prom, said she was voted queen of the court but was not invited to the white dance…

We live in rural south Georgia, where not too many things change. Well, as a group of adamant high school seniors, we want to make a difference in our community. For the first time in the history of our county, we plan to have an integrated prom.

Georgia election results for President in 2012:

Romney 53.3%

Obama 45.5%,_2012




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