North Korea Takes US by Surprise

It finally happened …


The former United States of America is now a territory of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) after a stealthy invasion followed by a surprisingly straightforward coup d’etat. The lower 48 states are now known as the Democratic People’s Republic of North America (DPRNA). Hawaii continues to be loyal to former President Barack Obama while Alaska has gone rogue.

Camouflaged in 7-Eleven smocks, DPRK forces went almost completely unnoticed as they began seizing vital communications centers in cities across the nation. Local security forces quietly succumbed to sugar apnea after consuming free handouts of sausage-and-egg muffins, home-fried patties and Little Debbie snacks. “Americans eat too good, fall asleep. Didn’t even have to drug them!” exulted Col. Park Lee, from the lobby of the Pentagon.

As the hostile takeover finally became apparent, President Obama called for mobilization of US forces and asked for a declaration of war on North Korea…

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