HOME SCHOOLING! Momoe provides the standard!

I wished to get into several facets of our educational system.

And I intended to dedicate this chapter to the issue of home schooling; which normally becomes politically charged as soon as the subject is raised.

But Momoe made this this attempt so easy with her recent comments on my last educational blog.


For everyone!

Momoe gets into discussions with her grandchildren about history.

She is interested in their homework.

She does not just ‘answer’ questions, she gets the little buggers to do their own research.

Let us go to the computer and see what we can find!

Momoe attends PTA meetings and meetings with the child’s teachers.

My goodness this child knows a lot about history says the teacher!

Previous posts by Momoe underline the economic difficulties facing her family.

It is not easy helping children with their education no matter how much money you have.

If Dad is working fifty or sixty hours a week and if Mom is working 30 or 40 hours a week and left with most of the ‘house work’; where is the time to do a proper job with regard to home schooling?

I am just a grandpa living alone so take my opinions with a grain of salt; but there are hardware requirements in order to do a proper job of home schooling.


Books, books and books along with magazines and newspapers should be available throughout the homestead.

I always made sure there was a set of encyclopedias along with several dictionaries around the house and the children should be able to witness the parents using this type of hardware.

If children see parents reading, they will more likely be interested in reading.

There should be a variety of magazines and books located in the homestead.

There should be books of fantasy and books of ancient history and books relating to sports and books relating to cooking and books relating to hobbies.

And Mom and Dad should be reading to their children on a daily basis. I am not even sure if it matters what the content of that reading is?

My experience has been that children love to hear parents reading to them. It is certainly a cliché repeated over and over in our movies and TV presentations.

Another piece of hardware should be a PC along with internet access and Momoe has demonstrated in her presentations that she would do anything to keep that PC working and to keep that access.

A kid demonstrates some interest in Socrates?

Well Plato is available in just about any language.

You might start with an encyclopedia article on Plato and then go to Wikipedia and then google or bling ‘Plato’ and there he is.

Copyright might keep one from reading Foote on line but Carl Sandberg is right there with discussions on President Lincoln. And I would bet that for five bucks you could procure a Foote volume on Ebay or on some other link.

Where exactly is Iran; this home of tyrants and terrorists and ignorant people.

Maps abound on the internet and of course in encyclopedias.

Let’s find a map on the internet.

Hell, maps alone would certainly aide morons like Palin and Bachmann for chrissakes. Hahahaha

Another bit of hardware should include a TV. ( And I do not discount the value of listening to a radio show with your loved one from time to time.)

Momoe touches on the fact that PBS airs extraordinary documentaries and discussions.

And, of course, if you have internet access you can go right to CSPAN and even the History channel and other sources of great documentaries.

One other piece of hardware might be some used camera.

Take walks with your kids and take pictures of those strange trees and funny birds and stupid pet tricks you might witness on those walks.

Oh, and one more thing about TV. Does little Joey like a few dramas on TV? Maybe even a few air head sitcoms?

Limit the time for TV viewing, but for heavens sake take the time to watch a kid’s favorite weekly show. Narrate and ask your child questions about some behavior portrayed on that show.

You might get some weird question from a seven year old from time to time:

Daddy, what’s a hooker?

Daddy, what is rape?

With all the sex and violence on the air these days, it is really difficult to get away from questions like this from time to time.

But your 11 year old daughter better damn well know what ‘rape’ is for chrissakes!

And your 6 year old son better damn well know what a gun is and how dangerous guns are!

And your five year old better damn well know what a traffic accident is and how dangerous cars are!


What exactly is your child’s homework assignment today?

Oh, no homework? Well what did you learn today?

Did your child bring home older assignments that have already been viewed by the teacher and graded?

Let us discuss the grade and the comments from the teacher and see if we might do better next time.

The child must be required to bring her textbooks home so that the parent will discover what propaganda is contained therein.

We certainly wish to feed our children vegetables and fruit and stay away from processed foods (although treats must be provided—especially for good behavior). We know that children must be provided with proper nutrition and enough calories to get through the day.

We understand the need for proper exercise in order to keep our children strong and clear headed.

Well the brain of that child needs intellectual nutrition and intellectual exercise.

And the emotional component of that child needs praise once in awhile for her intellectual deeds!

What a great sentence that was; what were you thinking when you wrote it? Let’s just take twenty minutes and write some more sentences.



I have to demonstrate my hostility toward those who will not allow their children to interact with other school children.

With that out of the way, I can begin my discussion on the subject of home schooling—the subject I thought I was going to begin this essay.

Here is a nice general link regarding home school curricula:


This site provides links concerning state laws governing the home schooler and suggestions regarding support groups and regimens and such relating to the responsibilities of the parent.

The first warning on this site:


The second warning:


Now I go to Wiki


Suffice it to say that there are many reasons that a parent might choose home schooling for her child.

Politics might be involved, religion might be involved, handicaps might be involved, access might be involved.

So I am less prone to judge this decision to home school the child. Obviously I was thinking of strange religious sects, the mental health of the parent(s) involved, and militias who really work for the violent overthrow of the government.

How many American children are home schooled.

Well certainly do not ask ASK!


As a matter of fact do not ask ASK for anything!

This ASK site is the single most worthless site I have ever come upon except for Breitbart.com of course.

And then there is the Heritage Foundation site. You can guess where they are on this issue—as if I even know where I am on this issue!

Yet the Department of Education’s estimate may be too low. The National Home Education Research Institute estimates that between 1.9 million and 2.4 million children were educated at home during the 2005-2006 school year. Despite these differences, both the Department of Education and the National Home Education Research Institute concluded that the homeschooling population is increasing each year. The institute estimates that the number of children being homeschooled grows 7 percent to 12 percent per year.[9]


 Well I have gone on too long again. So I shall come back to this important issue concerning home schooling at a later date. I might hit upon some other issues and then come back.

But certainly more must be said about home schooling.

But closing on this segment, Momoe is a saint and her grandchildren, if they follow her curricula will do more than just fine in this veil of tears. ha!



4 thoughts on “HOME SCHOOLING! Momoe provides the standard!

  1. cmaukonen

    I remember my mother reading to me….from my father’s High School Chemistry text. Because that is what I wanted read. I was not interested in those silly kiddy Books. I was maybe 4 at the time.

    I rarely asked my father for help though. I wanted help, not a lecture and I learned early on that asking my father for help was a mistake. He simply was clueless when it came to kids.

    But he did get me the magazines I wanted when we went out to the little store up the road.

    Popular Electronics, Electronics Illustrated, Radio TV Experimenter.

    I pretty much was self taught electronics wise. Though I wish I had been able to get some guidance.

    Nearly all my research these days is on the internet. Being a member of the ARRL – American Radio Relay League – I have access to all the back issues of QST in PDF form.

    There are also PDFs of old radio books and manuals and even the service manuals for a lot of stuff available.

    The difficult part is separating the wheat from the chaff and the good info from the just crap.

    But to teach any child anything you had better be very well versed in the subject because they will challenge you and find your mistakes. Post haste. But you also have to have the patience of Job.

  2. I don’t know where to begin. Formal public education is a must to train kids for what the future holds. Every child is different so one size don’t fit all. It is up to the parent to figure out what triggers learning in a child. You go from there and give support to the teachers that are working with them.

    The reason I tell you all about the kids to let you know that many good things go on in a poor household. All the misinformation that gets spred around is mostly wrong about the parents and their kids. There are always some that neglect what is needed and others just don’t have the time because of long working hours. But suburbia is not with out their disfunctional families, only their schools usually get more resources.

    The attack on the public education in the country is purely fueled by raisism and the paranoid politics of our times. The politicians will be punished for it as it becomes understood the damage it is doing. Florida started it’s downward presure on the schools under Jeb Bush in the late 90’s. And what did this attack produced? Many young adults that are active liberals. They know politics have screwed them out of a lot.

    I think the home school trend peaked in the last decade. What needs to be studied is how well home schooled children do after they become adults. There are good reasons that a child must be home schooled but religion and over protection from realities of society is not. If I was a betting person, I would bet not very well.

    1. Hi Momoe!

      Momoe you are the Queen of home schooling.

      Oh hell, we cannot let children not be sent to public schools!

      But we need parents and providers who care about those minors each and every day following that day in public schools.

      Momoe, you are my hero. No kidding.

      Good job!

      Just keep telling those children that they matter, that they are good enough, that they might find truths in this universe on their own with a little guidance!

      Damn, I love your story!

      Just keep telling it!

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