Finnish Perspective

But they’re our sons-a-bitches”

Supposedly attributed to FDR or one of his cabinet members when referring to the South American dictators we were supporting. Primarily Samosa.

I bring this up because it’s very representative of the the kind of thinking that goes on even today. A kind of primitive tribal/herd/clan mentality. That one is to support one of their own regardless of their current and/or past transgressions simply because they are one of their own. Usually but not always based on some ethnic/racial/cultural sameness. Combined with religious and financial classes as well.

It’s what brought Hitler to power and enabled Germans to rally around him, all the while ignoring his monstrosities. It’s what what pushed the Russians on to defeat Hitler’s armies. And what broke apart and empowered those involved with the war in the former Yugoslavia after the fall of Tito.

As well as what is behind all…

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